Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Protest This Thursday

Mon., Oct. 10, 2011: 9:00 PM

The Taotaomona Native Rights, Island organizations, and interested persons will be holding a peaceful demonstration to protest the awfully loud and harmful noise pollution by the U.S. Marines' jet fighters training on Guam.

Wed. Oct. 12, 2011: 2:00 - 3:30 PM @ Legislature Building, Hagatna: The Senators need to stand up for the safety and protection of the people of Guam.

Wed. Oct. 12, 2011: 4:00 - 6:00 PM: @ Guam Delegate's Office, across & in front of the Delegate' Office, on Marine Corps Drive, Hagatna: The Guam Delegate needs to stand up for the safety and protection of the people of Guam.

Thurs. Oct. 13, 2011: 3:30 - 6:00 PM: Andersen Air Force Base, across front gate: The U.S. military, which includes the U.S. Marines, need to stop using Guam as their dumping ground; and, they need to treat the people of Guam with respectu.

Instead of holding their training in Japan, the U.S. military is transferring the U.S. Marines fighter jets training manuvers to Guam, in order to relief the Japanese people from the awfully loud and harmful effects of the noise pollution by the jet fighters in training. Some 400 personnel including those from the Marine Aircraft Group 12 will participate in air-to-air and air-to-ground jet fighters training manuvers.

Members are requested to attend. Persons interested and concerned about the noise pollution and safety are welcome and urged to attend. Please bring water bottles and umbrellas. If you are bringing signs, please focus the message on the purpose of the protest. Thank you. For additional info, contact Trini: 477-0638.

Si Yu'os ma'ase',
Trini Torres
Pilong Maga' Haga,
Taotaomona Native Rights

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Anonymous said...

What kind of a peaceful protest is this flipping the finger as me as I went by? I do not mind some airplanes flying by for our troops training exercises at all. Its actually comforting knowing someone is there to protect us. SO many people DIE to protect our country and surrounding territories to keep us SAFE. So many from GUAM DIE as well protecting us. How selfish and disrespectful can people be and you should be ashamed of yourselves using that Taotaomona's name for your crusade of stupidity. I am sure the Taotaomono dont mind the noise to keep our island and surrounding waters safe from terrorists. USE YOUR BRAINS. Shame on you people. I am glad that there are so many supporters of our troops on this island that live her rather than ones supporting this group that just wants to complain and have nothing better to do with there lives. I dont see people complaining about Won Pat Airport. More jets fly in and out of there every day compared to Andersen.